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Circular Sra. | Yellow  Beige  

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Descripción del producto

ADAPTACTION TECHNOLOGY :   It adapts to your feet and to the 5-8mm width increase they experience during walking
ADAPTLITE :   Extra light. XL extralight, very lightweight and flexible material that provides cushioning.
INSOLE :   Shoe with removable insole
HEEL HEIGHT :   5 centimeters.
LEATHER :   Maximum quality and resistance. Made of the exclusive Fantasia leather which has been especially selected to design this collection.
LINING :   Breathable. Highly breathable and resistant fabric.

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53600 Circular Sra.
Callaghan Circular
Reducing the Carbon footprint during the production process and facilitating subsequent recycling.

Callaghan Circular Callaghan Circular
The purposes when designing this collection have been on one hand, to create a product that minimizes the carbon footprint thanks to the implementation of new procedures in its manufacturing process. And, on the other hand, that after the end of the product life cycle, the materials used can be recycled and used again. In practise, it implies reducing waste to a mínimum, and thus minimizing the need for virgin resources and minerals from the earth.
Callaghan Circular
Callaghan Circular Callaghan Circular
The innovative production process allows the shoes to be completely disassembled in an easy and effective way, facilitating the 100% recovery of the material used in the outsole so as to be re-used to manufacture new outsoles.
Callaghan Circular
Callaghan Circular Callaghan Circular
The upper, on the other hand, has been manufactured with a mixture of materials:

Leather, in which case it can be re-used to obtain collagen for biofertilizers, it can be introduced into outsoles or wedges. Its compostability is also being studied.
Large and small textile fibers: among other things, they can be re-spun to make new products or make composites and non-woven textiles.
Metallic elementes: They are melted down to make new buckles…
Callaghan Circular