Callaghan Adaptaction gets personal
The way of walking is something personal and unique, for this reason Callaghan presents Personal: the first customized shoe that adapts to your weight.
Each person is unique - Each shoe is unique
Thanks to the 3D printing technology, Callaghan Adaptaction Personal allows us for the first time to manufacture a pair of shoes in line with each person's weight, providing maximum comfort.
New hexagonal geometry with air chamber
Thanks to 3D printing, it has been possible to create geometries that are more efficient than those obtained with traditional molding techniques, achieving 46% more cushioning than in the conventional footwear.

Fox: Exclusive material in the instep area
100% breathable and customized microfibre, made from micro hexagons which provide a unique personality. Among its main features are: antibacterial, antimicrobial, odourless, oil-resistant, thermoregulatory effect or maximum water removal.
Easy Fit. Thanks to its elastic inner tongue, slip on effect.
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