The latest technological innovation in footwear

Fusion of a sporty and urban style. A unique elegant design thanks to the combination of natural leathers and textile materials in the upper, the laser engraving on the leather and the vibrants colours.

Live a unique walking experience

Its innovative double density outsole design that recreates the sea waves provides an excellent capacity to absorb the impacts and energy return, delivering maximum support.

Shoe designed to adapt to your feet

Freedom of movement with an ergonomic design that incorporates the internationally patented Adaptaction technology. It replicates the movements of the human foot and adapts to the width increase it experiences during walkig, offering an unprecedented comfort.

Feeling of floating while walking

Thanks to the exclusive last generation Adaplite outsole material. It provides maximum lightness and elasticity while meeting high standards of durability and grip.

Callaghan Adaptaction

The most comfortable shoe in the world.