Walker by Callaghan, made for walking

It is the result of our 50 years of experience and a step forward in the Adapaction Technology.

With Walker, we help you to walk better

According to experts, most people do not walk well as they do not portray the proper posture for walking.
Walker has undergone exhaustive analysis by qualified biomechanics laboratories concluding that it is an excellent healthy and comfort shoe.

It protects the joins

Thanks to its great capacity to absorb the impacts and return the energy favoring the impulse when walking. A unique comfortable and smooth walking experience.

It provides 248% more impact absorption during walking than a conventional footwear

It protects the joints and reduces significantly the biomechanical load on the knees, delivering maximum comfort.

Walker offers 147% more stability than a conventional footwear

It provides excellent stability during walking and uniformity of the foot strike for premium comfort and support.

Laser One Piece leather upper

The shoe upper has been manufactured with the Laser One Piece engraving technology. It reduces the number of seams by 90%, preventing skin frictions and proving maximum adaptation.
Less seams more adaptaction

Walker, adaptaction, lightness, cushioning

A unique shoe thanks to the Adaptaction technology, the Adaptlite exclusive extra light Adaptlite material used to manufacture the outsole and the heel innovative design.
Walking has never been easier and more comfortable.